Tyler Meema at Wealthsimple

Winifed and Tyler Meema, Director Client Success at Wealthsimple



What's your story? What drew you to FinTech?

This is kind of a funny story. My background is finance. I graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Finance and Economics. When in University, I was the classic "I'm going to be an investment banker" student. However when I started getting to know the other folks that had a similar ambition, I was a bit turned off. This threw me into a mid-university life crisis. I was very apathetic about my career at the time and took a whatever job at RBC upon graduating. After about a year, I was pretty dissatisfied. So I quit and moved to Toronto. I thought I was a smart young person who would be able to get a job no problem. That turned out not to be true. I struggled a lot. I worked at Starbucks for almost a year just to get by. My mom actually called me one day and told me that she read about a company called "Wave Accounting" in the Globe and Mail. Instead of applying, I showed up to their office in a three piece suit to learn more. I was lucky enough to get my first client success position for an amazing emerging FinTech company and the rest is history!

What do you think are some of the most exciting FinTech trends likely to influence the Financial Services industry?

Oh boy! This is a good question. Honestly, I think the most exciting trend is simply the modernization of the tech stacks we are utilizing in financial services. We are seeing some really exciting companies like Revolut, Plaid, and Robinhood who are using modern technology to deliver new and awesome experiences to their clients. I know Blockchain is what gets everyone really hyped up, but these companies are leveraging technologies to add a lot of value in a practical way to their clients. I know this is a boring answer, but I like Wealthsimple's investment strategy - boring can be amazingly powerful! 

What percentage of your team is female? And what percentage of your team is made up of women of color?