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    Alma Mater: McGill University and Cornell University


    I have over five years of work experience in the Financial Services industry in North America and I am a massive technology and digital media enthusiast. I believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will disrupt nearly every industry including the Financial Services industry. These disruptive forces are already underway as they re-imagine lending, insurance, trading, investing, and money transfers by incorporating Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies. This transformational wave presents women with a golden opportunity to reset their place in Finance. I feel that there is no dedicated space for women to either learn about recent developments and career opportunities in this space or connect with other individuals in this space. Therefore, I launched LADIES iN FINTECH, an editorial platform and a community to help fill the void. I invite you to join our community to meet other like-minded people. I am confident that through collaboration we can build a more gender-balanced and technologically advanced future.  









    Disclaimer: LADIES iN FINTECH is a passion project and the views expressed are my own and not those of my employer.

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