Permission to Pause: How to Practice Self-Care to Avoid Burnout

When climbing the corporate ladder, it can feel impossible to maintain a sustainable work-life balance. You’re passionate about what you do but often find yourself chasing the next big achievement at the expense of your personal time, because you’re eager to climb the next rung. Part of the problem is that you’re likely fueled by the adrenaline of achievement. While this adrenaline rush has helped catapult you towards success, it isn’t sustainable to maintain over the long-term. Developing a self-care practice can help you refuel to stay motivated and avoid burn-out. Here are five simple yet effective steps to get started:

1. Shift your perspective on what it means to rest.

What are your beliefs about rest? Does the mere mention of the word make you cringe? For many of us ego-driven do-ers, rest has a bad rep. We see it as a sign of defeat. An indication that we didn’t have the stamina to persevere in the pursuit of our accomplishments.

But therein lies the root of the problem - rest is not for the weak. It’s actually easier to get caught within the busyness of life than to erect the necessary boundaries to tune in to your needs. Giving yourself permission to slow down often requires more strength than persevering does. It’s like Newton’s First Law of Motion: “An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the s