Esther Park at Drop Technologies Inc.

Esther Park, Head of Marketing at Drop Technologies Inc.


1. What's your story? What drew you to FinTech?

My past experiences have been Marketing for not-for profit, caused based brands and more traditional brand management for consumer packaged goods companies. Therefore, I cannot say I have this incredible story that drew me to FinTech. That said, when I heard about Drop, I saw an incredible solution to resolve for the staggering statistics of how millennials viewed financial services. With only 8% of Millennials trusting their financial institutions for guidance on their financials, and only 27% of Millennials seeking professional financial advice on savings and investment, there is a clear opportunity here. 

Technology allows Drop to build a personalized experience with our members and that is the key to building relationships and trust. Critical components to having a dialogue to discuss more sensitive topics like personal finances. 

2. What do you think are some of the most exciting FinTech trends likely to influence the Financial Services industry?

There is a lot of excitement around AI, ML and Blockchain and what these technologies can do. Yes, the trends of these technologies are exciting but I am most excited for the purpose to why these technologies are being used. FinTech is challenging the status quo and removing barriers, allowing consumer needs to be the key to the decisions made. I remember a day when banks were only open between nine to five, online banking didn't exist and investment choices were limited and confusing. Tech is changing the power dynamics and giving consumers a lot more control and flexibility.